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Starting February 2017, Tulumba shall start accepting advertisement on its primary web site.  These banner ads shall be in the form of jpg, gif, or png files and the only accepted size shall be 210px x 75px.  These ads shall be displayed on the right side, below the 'Advertise Here' banner.  Monthly price will be $400. (1 year 20% OFF, 2 years, 30% OFF, 3 years, 40% OFF)  All payments must be paid in advance.  Annual discounts apply only when full payment is made in advance.  Expected pageview for each banner should exceed 1 million on average.

If you wish to advertise with us, please send your banner to us at sales@tulumba.com.  We will review and inform you if it is accepted.  For payment, we require that you have an account created with us and there is an active credit card on file.

Looking forward to your business.

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