Cheese Pie (Güllü Börek) - 5 Pack

Cheese Pie (Güllü Börek) - 5 Pack
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SeyidoğluCheese Pie (Güllü Börek) - 5 Pack (Each 120g)

Börek is a general Turkish term for Burek made of a thin flaky dough known as phyllo (or yufka). Invented in Central Asia by nomadic Turks, it became a popular element of Ottoman cuisine. Turkey has a wide variety of regional variations of börek among the different burek cultures and ethnicities.

Some variations take their names from their shapes such as Pastry with Cheese and parsley in Turkish is Rose Burek.

Bakery product from the famous Seyidoglu brand. This product is shipped frozen, however, it will likely be at ambient temperature when you receive it. The portion that will not be consumed immediately can be refrigerated to be consumed later.