Brass Tray - Sini

Brass Tray - Sini
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Producer / ArtistLazyo
DimensionsD 22.8"

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This brass tray with a delicately ornated design will add an exquisite touch to your kitchen and living room when serving.

Brass, which is obtrained by amalgamating copper and zinc, is durable, hard, and yet easly workable, which made it a prime metal to use in ship making, jewelry, and accessories. Since it is easily hammered compared to the bronze, it has been used in household utensils and cups, bowls, and pans, and it has also been used decoratively in lighting due to its similarity with gold.

Üzeri sık ve ince nakış işlemeli pirinçten dizayn edilmiş tepsi 'sini', işlevselliğiyle bütünleşen otantik şıklığı ve tüm ihtişamı ile dekorasyonunuza iddalı bir çizgi getirecek. Elde yıkama önerilir.