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Turkish Music / Turkish Folk / Anatolian Folk (Türkü)

Bahar Türküleri

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CD Price: $10.99
Product Code: MU970250GF171
Artist: Seher Dilovan
Publisher: Prestij Müzik
This product is out of print.
  1. Maraba
    Söz-Müzik: İlyas Keçeci
  2. Çok Özledim Dersim Seni
    Söz-Müzik: Enver Çelik
  3. Mecnun Gibi
    Söz-Müzik: Yusuf Gül
  4. Yolun Sonu görünüyor
    Söz: Dursun Ali Akınet Müzik: Selahattin Uygun
  5. Yalan Dünya
    Söz-Müzik: İlyas Keçeci
  6. Munzur Dağı
    Söz-Müzik: Ercan Aydın
  7. El Ele (Halay)
    Söz: Cengiz Altınsoy Müzik: Orhan Çağlayan
  8. Lo Dilo
    Söz: Mustafa Topaloğlu Müzik: Anonim Derleyen: Mustafa Topaloğlu
  9. Oğul'a Ağıt
    Söz-Müzik: Mürşit Has
  10. Bizi Biz Edenler
    Söz-Müzik: İlyas Keçeci
  11. Esme Deli Dünya
    Söz-Müzik: Aşık Ayhani
  12. Dün Gece Seyrimde
    Söz: Pir Sultan Abdal Müzik: Anonim
  13. İşçiler Fabrikada
    Söz-Müzik: Ercan Aydın


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Bahar Türküleri
Anatolian Folk (Türkü)
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Customer Testimonials
Customer TestimonialI just wanted to say THANK YOU for such wonderful customer service. I inquired about Ertug's "Hayatim" CD a little over a week ago with little hope I could actually own it. You responded in a timely fashion that you were putting it on your list and would email me once it was available. A friend of mine actually e-mailed me to tell me that it was listed on your site the night before I received your email. By the time your's came...I had already placed my order. :D Unknown to me was how quickly I would receive it. The website said 10 business days...and I was fine with that...since I was just happy to be able to actually own it. You cannot imagine how happy I was to have it a day and a half after I ordered it (the same thing happened with "Bounce"...I received it before you said you would have it in stock)!!! I have listened to both CD's (I also ordered a CD from Nev) prior to typing this..and they are fabulous.:)
I worked in retail for 6 years and I prided myself on my customer I usually expect a lot. Your company has done VERY WELL in my eyes. I have already recommended your site to my friend (she also ordered "Hayatim" to be sent to Canada)and will be mentioning it to a Turkish relative living here...if he doesn't already know about you...and I am looking forward to my next order...once I figure out what that will be ;)
Thanks again!
Alison Haney; Pennsylvania, USA - Thursday, December 08, 2005
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