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Turkish Movies / Foreign Movies / Horror / Mystery

Örümcek Ormanı / Spider Forest (DVD)

Product Code: VIFR003010
Significant Names: Kam Woo-suk, Seo Jeong, Son Byeong-ho, Jang Hyeon-seong, Kang Kyeong-heon, Jo Seong-ha, Park Won-sang, Kim Hak-joon, Kim Yeong-jae,
Director: Il-gon Song
Studio: Video Express
Year: 2004
Format: DVD
Region: 2
Subtitles: Türkçe / Turkish
Language(s): Türkçe / Turkish
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Yapımcı: Dae-hyeon Kim; Senaryo: Il-gon Song; Görüntü Yönetmeni: Cheol-ju Kim; Kurgu: Jae-geun Choi; Müzik: Min-hwa Yun

Kang-Min ormanda geçirdiği 14 günün sonunda gizemli bir kaza geçirir. Yapılan beyin ameliyatından 14 gün sonra Kang-Min'in bilinci yerine gelir. İlk sözleri Spider Forest'ta iki kişinin öldüğü olur. Spider Forest' da bulunan cesetlerin birinin Kang-Min'in kız arkadaşına diğeri ise iş yerinde çalışma arkadaşına ait olduğunun belirlemesi ile Kang-Min soruşturmanın hem görgü tanığı hem de bir numaralı şüphelisi haline gelir.


I have to go. To the Spider Forest. Two people died there Kang Min regains his consciousness 14 days after brain surgery following a mysterious accident he had in the forest. Shockingly enough, the first thing he says is that two people died in Spider Forest. Detective Choi, Kang Min`s friend, finds a couple brutally murdered at a cottage in the forest, just like Kang Min described. As the couple found dead at the cottage are identified as Choi Jong-phil, his senior from work, and Hwang Soo-young, his girlfriend, Kang Min becomes both a witness and key suspect in the investigation.Can you trust me for what I`m about to say? Mending his memory, Kang Min tells his friend, Detective Choi, what happened. Having suffered from a loss of his beloved wife, Kang Min, a producer at a TV station, is ready to start a new life as he falls in love with Hawng Soo-young. For his last task on the job at the station, he visits Spider Forest to make a documentary on its legend. In the forest, he runs into Min Soo-in, who looks so much like his dead wife. She tips him off on the murder case, and he sees a phantom of a girl known to be the victim. After getting an anonymous call, he goes back to the forest and finds his girlfriend in bed with Choi Jong-phil at the cottage in the middle of the forest. Then, he realizes there is someone else watching him. He runs around the forest looking for that someone and ends up confronting a stranger. Go back to the forest. You`ll find the truth there.Detective Choi goes to Min Soo-in who has the key to solve the case. Still shattered, Kang Min sneaks out of the hospital and begins his own pursuit to find the truth, putting back together his lost memory. As he steps closer to the truth, a brutal past beyond anybody`s comprehension reveals itself. What is it that happened in that forest?

Ürün Özellikleri:

Ülke: Güney Kore
Orijinal Dil: Korece
İzlenebileceği Diller: Türkçe / Turkish
Altyazı: Türkçe / Turkish
Ses: Dolby Digital 5.1
Format: 16:9 Geniş Ekran (Wide Screen)
Renk: Renkli
Süre: 115'
Disk Adeti: 1

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Örümcek Ormanı / Spider Forest (DVD)
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