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Dear shopper,
The product you have requested [Malban (Soft Candy) with Date and Pistachios – 10lb (Cevizli Malban Şekerlemesi – 4.5kg) by Tulumba] is no longer offered at Tulumba.com.

However, we thought you might be interested in these:

FB250165JB988 by  by Tulumba

Malban with Apricot and Pistachios – 10lb (Kayısılı ve Kaşulu Şekerlemesi – 4.5kg)
by Tulumba
FB250169AD833 by  by Tulumba

Nougat with Pistachios – 8lb (Antep Fıstıklı Nugat Şekerlemesi – 3.6kg)
by Tulumba
FB250226HC152 by  by Ba?ak

Candied Chickpkeas – 11lb (Capadokia şekerli Leblebi – 5kg)
by Ba?ak

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