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Albi Mamnoun

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CD Price: $12.99
Product Code: MUAR002492
Artist: Abeer Fadda
Year: 2008
Publisher: Rotana
You can listen to samples from this album by clicking the links below, each sample is in MP3 format.
This product is out of print.


  1. Fares Ahlami
  2. Tirmi Aalaya El Lom
  3. Ma Indak Khabar
  4. Weynak
  5. Ekhtart Boedak
  6. Hobbak Sagani El Weyl
  7. Beni W Benak
  8. Kalamak
  9. Teghib El Shaher
  10. Albi Mamnoun



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Albi Mamnoun
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