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Muhimat Al Sayyda Alia: Inkaz Kuttub Al Irag

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Product Code: zBKAR00022
Author: Mark Alan Stamaty
ISBN: 977617101X
Publisher: Al-Balsam Punblishing House
Published: Sep, 2004
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It is 2003. As the war in Iraq draws closer and closer to Basra, Alia grows increasingly fearful that the irreplaceable treasures of her library are in grave danger. Hers pleas to government officials go ignored, so Alia comes up with a plan of her own. Determined to preserve the history and culture of her people, Alia, with the help of her neighbors, who assist her at the risk of their own lives, smuggles over 30,000 precious volumes to safety.


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Muhimat Al Sayyda Alia: Inkaz Kuttub Al Irag
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