Diyabekiri Hokin

Diyabekiri Hokin
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ArtistOnnik Dinkjian
PublisherMira Records/Krikor Music
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Legendary Armenian singer Onnik Dinkjian reaches yet another milestone with this recording of songs associated with his ancestral city of Diyarbakir (Dikranagerd.) Most of the songs are sung in the unique Diyarbakir Armenian dialetc, increasingly threatened with extinction.
  1. Diyarbakır Peşrevi
  2. Mamis
  3. Oy Canım
  4. Pesan Traş Mın’enınk
  5. Şeg Mazerov Er
  6. Hangardz
  7. Vay Babo
  8. Badmutinire 1
  9. Nanay
  10. Sıranus
  11. Kale Kale
  12. Nare
  13. Zuyk Mı Ağavni
  14. Badmutinire 2
  15. Tsavirsi
  16. Diyarbekiri Hokin