Curly Hair Shampoo - 20.2fl oz.

Curly Hair Shampoo - 20.2fl oz.
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ELIDOR Curly Hair Shampoo - 20.2fl oz.

Protect your curls and prevent frizzing. It will help you make shape you want.

The word shampoo entered the English language from India during the colonial era. It dates to 1762, and is derived from Hindi champoo itself derived from the Sanskrit root capayati (which means to press, knead, soothe).

Shampoo is generally made by combining a surfactant, most often sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate, with a co-surfactant, most often cocamidopropyl betaine in water. Specialty shampoos are available for people with dandruff, color-treated hair, gluten or wheat allergies, an interest in using an "all-natural", "organic", "botanical" or "plant-derived" product, and infants and young children ("baby shampoo" is less irritating).