Dried Sele Black Olives - XS - 0.9lb

Dried Sele Black Olives - XS - 0.9lb
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Dried Sele Black Olives – 0.9lb (Marmarabirlik Kuru Sele Siyah Zeytin – 800g) - XS

Number of Pieces: 381-410/kg

Kalibre (Kg/Dane) : 380-410

With the olive being high in oil, it makes it very versatile in the ways it can be cured. The various curings are as follows:

Yagli Sele — oil-cured (rotated in drums with a little salt, which agitates the olive and causes it to exude oil). These are then dry stored. Very hard to maintain as the containers need to be rotated on a regularly basis. This is a rich low salt tasting olive.

Duble — purely brine cured olive. The traditional method of curing is to put the olives into a two metre deep vats with weights on the top and brine circulating. The weights tenderize the olives. They are then stored in brine. The more commercial method is to use pressure vats, unfortunately this does not produce such a nice texture of olive. This is a firm salty olive.

Salamura — this is a partly oil cured olive and then stored in brine.

Kuru Sele — this is dried in a basket of rock salt, which draws all the water from the olive. The longer the olive is left in the salt the firmer the olive becomes. The olive can lose up to half its original weight during curing, giving a crinkly effect. This is a dry store olive and is the least salty tasting. A dry cured Gemlik olive is a premium olive that carries a high price tag. It is primarily ordered before picking and really is reserved for those high class establishments in Istanbul.

Cross Kuru Sele/Yagli Sele — this is partly dry cured, then put through the Yagli Sele process, which leaves a crinkly slightly bitter olive. This is also dry stored. These are only cured for personal use by the growers.