El Lilady

El Lilady
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ArtistAmr Diab
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  1. Ne, Oul aih
  2. El Lilady
  3. Toul Ma,an Shaifak
  4. Hikayat
  5. Inta El Ghaly
  6. Rohy Mertahalak
  7. Aletly Oul
  8. We Fehmt Einak
  9. Dehket
  10. Khalik Ma,aya
The latest album of the platinum singer Amr Diab has already become a huge hit in Egypt and all over the Middle-East. It sold over 1 million copies in only 5 days of release, and over 2 million copies in just two weeks. The song Amr chose for the video clip, shot in Los Angeles, was N'eoul Eih, a mixture of Techno style and oriental arabic music.

Alternative Spellings of Amr Diab: Amro Diab