Ahla Menhom

Ahla Menhom
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ArtistEhab Toufic
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  1. Ahla Menhom
  2. Daweebouni Eineih
  3. Khod Albi W Einayyah
  4. Hetta Menni
  5. Zealanah Awi A
  6. blak Albi (Hee Kelmah)
  7. Jareb Ba’a (Khalleek Keda)
  8. A’awa Men Hawak (Teeba W Sazajah)
  9. Chaghel Bali
  10. Keteer Khanouk
  11. Ba’a Keda
  12. Aammal Biyehlaw

Ehab Tawfik is one of the top Egyptian pop stars, and in his 15 years carreer he has never failed to impress his fans with great albums. Songs like “Tetraga Fyya”, ”Amel Amla”, ”Ya salam”, some of the best Arabic songs, have topped the charts and broken all sales records in the Arab world.
He now released his eagerly awaited new album “Ahla Menhom” which will be a huge & instant success. The album contains 12 terrific tracks with the opening title Track “Ahla Menhom”. This album also contains a superb selection of songs & blending of Western rhythms and Oriental Arabic Music like “Daweebouni Eineih”, “Khod Albi W Einayyah”, “Zealanah Awi” and many more…