Ya Habiby… Ta'ala Gamby

Ya Habiby… Ta'ala Gamby
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ArtistHisham Abbas
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  1. Ta'ala Gamby
  2. Walla Haga
  3. Yana Yana
  4. afish Fayda Feya
  5. Eftakarteny
  6. Intro
  7. Shouf
  8. Masadda'tesh
  9. Wakhed Ala Khatrak
  10. Sebtek
  11. Mellelady
  12. Eftak Albak

He certainly needs no intro, “Hisham Abbass” is one of the biggest crossover artists in the music scene today. He went international with his all time massive hit “Nari Naren”, and that was after releasing many successful albums that made him a Pop Superstar of Arabia.
This album “Ya Habiby … Talah Gamby” includes:
- Opening Track, “Ya Habiby … Taalah Gamby”: a terrific upbeat/Energetic track.
- “Ya Habiby” feat. a famous Turkish singer: a very catchy tune
- “Walla Haga” & “Yana Yana” are upbeat tracks with lyrics that have the effect of a strong Magnet.
Other key songs include:
- Fantastic ballads like “Eftakarteny” & “Masadda’tesh”
- “Shouf” a breath-taking Latin-Salsa smash.
“Hisham Abass” enjoys great International exposure with his crossover style. His fan base is huge and the longevity of his career is a proof of his incomparable success.