It's All Over but the Swingin'

It's All Over but the Swingin'
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ArtistSammy Davis, Jr.
YearFeb 16, 1999
PublisherMCA Uk
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Track Listing:
  1. I Guess I'll Hang My Tears out to Dry - 4:43
  2. But Not for Me - 3:24
  3. Where's That Rainbow? - 3:27
  4. I Cover the Waterfront - 3:19
  5. Don't Blame Me - 2:52
  6. Better Luck Next Time - 2:43
  7. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Gal - 4:53
  8. It Never Entered My Mind - 4:05
  9. Someone to Watch over Me - 3:23
  10. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face - 2:47
  11. Spring Is Here - 4:03
  12. I Can't Get Started - 3:29
  13. The Lady Is a Tramp - 4:23
  14. I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues - 3:05
  15. Get on the Right Track, Baby - 2:47
  16. Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me - 3:20
  17. I Got a Woman - 4:32
  18. There Is No Greater Love - 2:37
  19. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You - 3:52
  20. This Little Girl of Mine - 2:01
  21. Till Then - 3:23
  22. Face to Face - 3:06
  23. Mess Around - 2:46

Throughout his life, Sammy Davis, Jr. was often derided as a Frank Sinatra clone, and while this just isn't true, It's All Over but the Swingin' was his biggest attempt at aping his friend and mentor's Capitol Records sound. What critics of Davis forget is that Sinatra's Capitol recordings defined 1950s vocal jazz so much that everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Sarah Vaughan to Billie Holiday were appropriating everything from the chairmen's arrangers and song selection to cover concepts. An upbeat downer disc, It's All Over but the Swingin' actually finds a middle ground between Sinatra's suicidal torch song and medium-tempo swing albums, with Morty Stevens' arrangements gamely appropriating both Nelson Riddle's orchestral and big band styles, while the top-rate band is composed of such SinatraRiddle regulars as Harry Edison, Joe Comfort, and Milt Bernhart. This may give the album demerits in the originality department, but it does make for a great-sounding session that features hot solos throughout, and Sammy Davis, Jr. does a wonderful job of combining a real jazz feel with his more stereotypical, outsize-Broadway singing style. Davis can't beat Sinatra on "I Guess I'll Hang My Tears out to Dry" or "It Never Entered My Mind," but his swinging reading of "But Not for Me" may just be the definitive up-tempo version of the standard, and his scat intro and complex tempo changes throughout "I Can't Get Started" show that Davis was equally at home at Birdland as he was on Broadway. Incidentally, the album was released with two different covers that mimicked the look of Sinatra's Capitol albums: One release sports a horrible painting of Davis looking depressed on a park bench, while the other substitutes this with the photograph of a white man looking morose on a bench in a town square. This fine album is a must-have for fans of Sammy Davis, Jr. and has been re-released on one CD with the big band, blues, and R&B romp I Gotta Right to Swing.

Abby Mitchell - Tenor (Vocal) Al Dinken - Viola Al Grey - Trombone Alan Hodgson - Project Coordinator Alvin Stoller - Drums Babe Russin - Tenor (Vocal) Benny Powell - Trombone Bob Bain - Guitar Bob Lawson - Baritone Charlie Fowlkes - Baritone Conrad Gozzo - Trumpet Dan Lube - Violin Don Raffell - Tenor (Vocal) Ed Jones - Bass, Rhythm Eleanor Slatkin - Cello Eric Dolphy - Sax (Alto) Ernie Royal - Trumpet Eugene E. Young - Trumpet Francis Howard - Trombone Frank Foster - Tenor (Vocal) Frank Wess - Alto Freddie Green - Guitar George Rhodes - Piano, Rhythm George Roberts - Trombone Harry "Sweets" Edison - Trumpet Harry Klee - Flute Harry Klein - Alto Henderson Chambers - Trombone Henry Coker - Trombone Irving Cottler - Drums Jack Pleis - Arranger, Conductor Joe Comfort - Bass Joe Newman - Trumpet John Anderson - Trumpet Ken Barnes - Liner Notes, Producer Manny Klein - Trumpet Marshall Royal - Reeds Marshall Sosson - Violin Milt Bernhart - Trombone Mort Stevens - Orchestra Director Morty Corb -