Thyme Soap - 6oz

Thyme Soap - 6oz
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HISTORY Thyme Soap - 6oz

All History Natural Soaps are handmade using only natural ingredients.

Provides necessary nutrients for the hair, revitalizes the skin, stabilizes the blood pressure, is helpful in curing psoriasis. Tthymol, ingredient of thyme, is a disinfectant.

Before Christianity, women used to vow on thyme from the field in altars as a symbol of love and prolificacy. After Christianity, thyme was dedicated to Virgin Mary. It is rumored that there was thyme in the straw beds of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. Ladies of the Middle Age used to decorate their chariots with thyme when they were off to meet their lovers; the adventurist knights. Thyme essence and soap was used in the Central & Eastern Europe as a perfume for happiness.