Daphne Soap - 6oz

Daphne Soap - 6oz
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HISTORY Daphne Soap - 6oz

All History Natural Soaps are handmade using only natural ingredients.

Useful in opening up the pores, fighting against eczema and fungi, skin illnesses and pimples.

Daphne is the water fairy in the greek mythology that is changed into a tree while running away from Apollon. There are several myths about daphne, and one of these stories is: one day the god apollon, the symbol of men's beauty, saw daphne in the forest that is surrounded by the river Thessalia and fell in love with her. But Daphne, the daughter of the river's God Peneus, had dedicated herself to God Gaia and had promised him to stay virgin. When Daphne noticed Apollon, she tried to escape, but she realized that he would catch her and she prayed to her father to rescue her. At that moment she was transformed into a laurel tree. The handsome God Apollon made a crown himself with the leafs of this tree. From that day on, the ancient Greek kings, heroes, poets, painters and artists carried crowns made of laurel leafs.