Lavender Soap - 6oz

Lavender Soap - 6oz
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HISTORY Lavender Soap - 6oz

All History Natural Soaps are handmade using only natural ingredients.

Lavender relaxes the body. it is used for the treatment of herpes zoster as ointment; it cures burned places, pimples and tissue illness.

The wonderful colour and smell of lavender flower are the reasons why most of the people like and prefer this flower. APHRODITE knew these properties and preferred lavender perfumes and soaps. the freshness of aphrodite's skin and her hair, which was like sunshine, have enchanted the men. people were jealous of her beauty but they could not find out her secret. it is assumed that it is not a coincidence that the goddess of love and beauty is born in spring when lavender flower blooms. rumour has it that the first flower APHRODITE saw was lavender, and when she touched it she declared it to be the most beautiful flower.