British Steel [Holland Bonus Tracks] - (Remastered)

British Steel [Holland Bonus Tracks] - (Remastered)
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ArtistJudas Priest
YearApr 23, 2002
PublisherSbme Import
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Category: Uk --> Metal --> Heavy Metal

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Track Listing:
  1. Rapid Fire - 4:08
  2. Metal Gods - 4:00
  3. Breaking the Law - 2:35
  4. Grinder - 3:58
  5. United - 3:35
  6. You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise - 5:04
  7. Living After Midnight - 3:31
  8. The Rage - 4:44
  9. Steeler - 4:30
  10. Red, White & Blue Bonus Track - 3:42
  11. Grinder [Live][*] - 4:49

With Hell Bent for Leather, Judas Priest had begun the task of developing their image for increased mainstream attention, reveling in leather-and-motorcycle trappings while beginning to simplify and streamline their sound. British Steel brings that process full circle, offering the band's catchiest, most accessible set of tunes yet, while retaining the precision guitar assault and quasi-operatic vocals that had come to define their sound. It was the simplest music Priest had yet attempted, but thanks to the (mostly) top-notch songwriting and AC/DC-like willingness to allow the songs' grooves room to breathe, the record is a smashing success overall, with maybe one or two subpar tracks. There are a couple of trends beginning here that would take their toll later on -- the lyrics are a bit more juvenile, and the music seems to prize commercialism over complexity -- but in this context, neither really matters, as Priest display a real penchant for stadium-ready anthems. "Breaking the Law" and "Living After Midnight" became genuine hit singles in the U.K., and deservedly so, while the album became their first to reach the U.S. Top 40, going platinum in the process. [The Holland edition features bonus tracks.]

Dave Holland - Drums Fin Costello - Photography Glenn Tipton - Guitar Ian Hill - Guitar (Bass) Jayne Andrews - Remastering Coordination Jon Astley - Remastering Judas Priest - Main Performer K.K. Downing - Guitar Louie Austin - Engineer Ray Staff - Cut Rob Halford - Vocals Robert Ellis - Photography Roslav Szaybo - Design Steve Joester - Photography Tom (Colonel) Allom - Producer