Yaylı Tambur - Tamboura

Yaylı Tambur - Tamboura
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Producer / ArtistRhythm
MaterialAluminum Body, Hornbeam Neck
DimensionsD 13" L 52" H 7"
RegionStrings - Mizrapli

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The body of the instrument is aluminum. The neck is made of hornbeam (gurgen) painted black.

There are three groups of double strings (total of 6):

Lower group: LA
Middle Group: RE
Upper Group: LA

In accordance with these notes, tuning can be performed with any tuning instrument (there is no special tuning istrument for yayli tanbur).

This instrument is made in Turkey and has an acoustic sound. In general yayli tanburs are made of wood however, to get an acoustic sound, this particular one is made of metal.