Oriental Lamp and Candle Holder - Colorful Hang

Oriental Lamp and Candle Holder - Colorful Hang
Our Price$50.67
2 to 5 $48.14
6 to 10 $45.60
11 to 500 $43.07
Producer / ArtistMosaic Works
MaterialBrass, Copper and Glass
DimensionsH 5.1" W 6.6"

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These products are made of brass and copper, which will in time turn a rusty shade and get a decorative, antique look and feel. The glass is hand-made blown glass, therefore the item you receive may have slightly different shades of the color. Mosaic items are covered with hand crafted glass pieces that suit the item's form and design, and may vary from item to item.

This type of candleholders ("Kandil") is an ancient lighting apparatus used in all religions throughout the world; and can be seen in mosques, synagogues and churches in various forms. It is still widely used in homes throughout the Mediterranean and middle east.