Traditional Bath Towel: Peştemal - Black

Traditional Bath Towel: Peştemal - Black
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Producer / ArtistAquabora
Material%100 Cotton
DimensionsL 71" (180cm) W 40" (100cm)

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Traditional Bath Towel: Peştemal - Black

Peştemal is a traditional hand woven Turkish towel used in Turkish Baths and Hammams through out history.

Recently they also have been adopted to being used as pool and beach towels, pareos, wraps, sarongs, shawls and decoration becoming a really multipurpose companion.

According to Middle Ages archaeological studies the invention of the towel is commonly associated with the city of Bursa, Turkey, in the 17th century. These Turkish towels began as a flat, woven piece of cotton or linen called a pestamel, often hand-embroidered. Long enough to wrap around the body, pestamel were originally fairly narrow, but are now wider and commonly measure 90 by 170 centimetres (35 in × 67 in). Pestamel were used in Turkish baths as they stayed light when wet and were very absorbent.

They are more absorbent then a regular towel, dries much faster, weighs lighter and takes less space making it very convenient for:

  • Pool and Beach
  • Travel and sleepovers
  • Gym, Spa, Yoga
  • Backpacking, Camping, Boating
  • Baby care.

    They are eco-friendly and unisex.

    You can use them as home decoration such as table and coffee table cover, on beds, sofas, couches, ottomans and even curtains.
    These pesthemals are made of %100 natural cotton fabric produced in hand-woven looms in Turkey.

    Washing them before first use is recommended. They will get better and better after each wash.

    Measurements are 71 x 40 inches or 180 x 100 centimeters.
    You can comfortably use these Peştemals in your and guest bathrooms and proudly take them with you to travel, pool and the gym. You will be complemented by many and asked where you have got them.