The Tree Bears (DVD)

The Tree Bears (DVD)
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Region2 [Europe]

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Out friends are three delightful little bears. They are a family - Ma' bear, Pa' bear, and Baby bear. They live in a forest, along with many other strange and amusing characters.

There is an evil fur -trapper- watch out! This bad news! And the forest elves -how crafty they are! Then, there is a sweet little golden haired girl called Vicky, who became a firm friend ever since the first day they met her.

If you and your friends would like to get to know the Three Bears, very soon you will be able to live through lots of exciting adventures with them.

Product Features:
Color: Yes
Original Language: Arabic, English
Subtitles: None
Sound: Dolby Digital
Region: PAL, all regions (zones)
Running Time: 60'