Omar We Salma - Part 3

Omar We Salma - Part 3
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DirectorAhmed El Badri
StudioEl Sobky
Region2 [Europe]
CastMay Eiz El Deen, Nahla, King Zahir Ahmed, Leila Ahmed Zaher, Ezzat Abu Ouf

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In this latest instalment, Omar (Hosny) and Salma's (Ezz El Din) marriage stagnates. Omar sleeps all day, hangs out with his friends all night and lives off of his dad's money. He also happens to be obsessed with the idea of pursuing a music career and singing Egyptian shaabi music. This, naturally, doesn't go down well with Salma, who constantly berates him for pursuing a career without prestige and for generally acting like an overgrown teenager. The battle of the wills goes on between them until Salma decides that she has had enough and leaves, taking their two daughters with her. From this point on, the film dials the absurdity up to eleven. Struck by the realization that they still love each other, they both engage in some wacky hijinks to get back together again.

Product Features:
Year: 2012
Color: Yes
Original Language: Arabic
Region: NTSC, all regions (zones)