Narghile Coffeehouse Leather Smoking Tube - Marpuç (Large)

Narghile Coffeehouse Leather Smoking Tube - Marpuç (Large)
Our Price$41.49
2 to 5 $39.42
6 to 10 $37.34
11 to 500 $35.27
MaterialLeather, Rug
DimensionsL ~8 feet

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***** Important: Color and the design of the product may vary.  You may receive green, mustard, red, blue etc. any color and design. If you have a particular choice of a color check with customer service in business hours before placing an order. *****

This smoking tube is designed for narghiles for heavy smokers or for use in commercial environments. You can simply replace the existing tube with this one.

The smoking tube (marpuç) consists of a hard section that connects to the boru made of hardwood, a long flexible section made of quality plastic that leads to the handle, and the mouthpice (imame) section.