Ceramic - Çini Plate - Birds and Tulips

Ceramic - Çini Plate - Birds and Tulips
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Producer / ArtistMehmet Gürsoy
MaterialCeramic 'Çini'
DimensionsD 12" H 2.5"

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This is a hand painted art piece. Color and design variations may occur.
Use only for decorative purposes.

Plates of various sizes and styles were the most commonly produced artifacts during the 15th-17th century pottery production in Anatolia. The wide flat surface of plates provide the artists with the room to explore and express different figures, patterns and color combinations, making plates a favorite medium of contemporary “çini” artists just like their predecessors centuries ago.

This plate displays one of Mehmet Gürsoy’s brilliant innovations using traditional Iznik motifs to arrive at a novel design. The entire object is covered by a pattern of small motifs, similar to the traditional “tugrakes” spiral style of 16th century. Larger figures are superimposed on this background, a feature not seen in any original Iznik pottery. In this piece, the figures are tulips and birds, which are the most common motifs used in original Iznik pottery.