The Fifth Reaction Special Edition (2 DVD)

The Fifth Reaction Special Edition (2 DVD)
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DirectorTahmineh Milani
Region2 [Europe]
CastNiki Karimi, Jamshid Hashempour, Merila Zareie, Shahab Hosseini

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Producer: Mohammad Nikbin

From the controversial director of Hidden Half and Two Women comes another tale of the clash between modernism and tradition in contemporary Iran. A progressive, recently widowed teacher and her conservative, controlling father-in-law fight for custody of her two small children. According to tradition, Fereshteh should remain in her father-in-law's home with her children, but she refuses. Afraid of losing custody of the boys, she decides to disappear with help from her women friends. Tahmineh Milani's film captures the tumult of a nation plagued by the conflicting philosophies of hard-line religious groups and an educated, cosmopolitan population.

Product Features
  • Country Iran
  • Running Time: 107 mins