Eat Smart in Turkey: 2nd Edition

Eat Smart in Turkey: 2nd Edition
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AuthorJoan Peterson
PublisherGinkgo Press

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Here's good news for travelers who put food first. The second in the "Eat Smart" series of culinary travel guides contains a treasury of tips for navigating menu and market in Turkey. It also includes recipes, thus broadening its appeal to cookbook lovers as well.The compact, portable, and very readable "Eat Smart" guides to world cuisine -- the first of their kind -- help travelers experience the delicious culinary delights of a foreign destination. This popular series contains fascinating food history, insight on regional specialties, great recipes to preview the tastes of the country, useful phrases, handy shopping tips, and two extensive bilingual dictionaries to simplify navigating menu and market. Travelers can now easily determine what's on the menu, what's in the market, what's on their plate, and what they can ask for as they travel.