Saint Savior in Chora - English (Soft-cover)

Saint Savior in Chora - English (Soft-cover)
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AuthorFatih Cimok
PublisherA Turizm Yayınları
Publishedİstanbul, Temmuz 1995

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Fatih Cimok (author), 50 colour pictures, available in English.

Compared to its modest size the former Church of the Monastery of Chora (Kariye Museum) houses one of the richest Byzantine mosaic collections in the world. Following the history of the building the book describes the mosaics which have survived in its narthexes and nave and, wall paintings of its side chapel.

It is not known for sure whether the marble panels of the nave belonged to the previous revetment and were reset by masons of Metochites in their places, or were newly supplied by himself. They were cut into thin slices and set on the walls like the pages of a book. With the technique of those days, the cutting of marble was a very difficult job. First a groove was chiselled along the top of the block of stone and filled with sand. Two men then cut into it using a cord or blade as though it were a two-handed toothless saw, grinding away the stone with sand. If one knows that in one day only about 5 cm of marble could be cut, one can appreciate the work involved in producing these marble panels. However, after a time, hand-operated saws gave way to saws operated by water powe